Our Young athletes up for grabs?

Congratulations to our young Leon Butler! The 16- year-old footballer who landed a historic deal with Nike.


It is evident in this beautiful Island Jamaica that we produce some of the world’s greatest athletes. Is it our food, our importance on family life or their determination to succeed why Jamaica produces such great athletes? We have very talented young athletes waiting to be discovered and working hard to achieve their goals both academically and in sports. We continue to support them in hope of them achieving their dreams.



Better public healthcare?


So today the Jamaica Gleaner stated that it was possible that many nurses may be switching from private healthcare to public for better salaries. We all know that living in this economy might be quite difficult but could this improvement in public healthcare potentially boost the countries International stance?

Healthcare will become more readily available to the general public. Better response times. Better health procedures. Less nurses having to stress about who is more important than who and who will wait in the waiting room. This could be one small step towards Jamaica’s much needed recovery.



Real Estate Market Downturn?

Sinclair attributed the absence of a boom to the uncertainty of the economy and the reluctance of some sellers to accept compensation below their expectations.


Are these new Governmental developments decreasing real estate activity? They might. Well it’s quite evident that in this economy it’s difficult to purchase a home or office without a major loan hanging over your head for the next ten years. So what’s the solution?

Will the dollar encourage people living in other countries for example us citizens to possibly buy property and while still living in their home country? Is this the aim of the government to make Jamaica the potential “vacation spot” while our fellow Jamaican’s suffer in silence?

Can there be any positive effects from the increase in The rates of stamp duty and transfer tax on properties.

What are your views?



Logistics Hub

Is the Logistics hub the only hope for Jamaica’s development?

Is this another way for the Government to earn revenue other than taxation?

Is it’s lengthy development impacting Jamaica’s economy?


Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says that the proposed global Logistics Hub will require much more that the private capital that the government has been focusing on.

“The Logistic Hub requires a high level of planning, a highly trained workforce and a highly disciplined society,” Holness said.

It is Quite obvious that Holness has much to say about the logistics Hub and it’s current and future development. His current view is that we need to start focusing on the development of the workforce who will be employed to work on “Goat Island”. This is a crucial factor that must be considered in order for the Logistics hub to be considered as “sucessful”. We must consider the human capital as well as the financial.

If the Logistics Hub development halts will it affect Jamaica’s economy even more?

Will it affect tourism?

Will it turn more Foreign Investors away? (Who knows they may think we are unprofessional and are not truly serious about our country’s development?)

What are your views?