Are they endorsing more debt?


The world bank is endorsing a new strategy for Jamaica’s lending. It seems as if they never really want us to come out of debt. They aren’t called “the big bad wolf” for nothing. As citizens of such a beautiful country are we to sit back idly while the IMF slowly swallows us whole?

Do you think we should accept the IMF’s suggestion and take on their new strategy or should we continue to push through and hope that there is light after this dark Jamaica?



Politician speaking our language.

It seems as if the government is sucking each and every last dollar from us. It just keeps getting worse. It seems as if we may have a small ray of hope. Audley Shaw is now outlining to the other members of parliament that we cannot manage the bank withdraw levy. Which is absolutely true! Many Jamaicans place most if not all of their savings in banks and for the little that they are saving to be taxed is cruel, especially with all the taxes that are incurred otherwise.


Is the governments current aim to help us or use us?


How much more can we endure before we break?



Trade unions voicing their opinions?


Trade unions have now stepped into the spotlight to say that they are’t opposed to job cuts as long as the economy benefits in the long run. With the low wage rates, the current level of wage freeze, as well as the retreating private sector we can only hope for better execution of the repayment of national debt. This may cause employees to feel less incentive to work and as such a vicious cycle is created. Productivity may be a major factor that may be affected. 


If productivity decreases where does that leave us? 


What is a major sector that will continue to thrive when all else fails for Jamaica, what will we fall back on?



Buses join the Big Company?


Ah yes, the wonderful time when major companies put their foot down and lay down the law. Especially for the illegal drivers who pose a threat to all users of the road. The implementation of this rule could go a long way, less accidents, more safe drivers and safer roads. Will they still drive recklessly even legally? Are we to sit and hope that they will see the light and be more considerate to all users of the road? Is this the true meaning of false hope?


Was sub-franchising a good idea?


what are your views?