War for Utilities



Not sure if this is a form of justice. All Jamaicans know that our light bill is pretty steep even if we try our hardest to conserve light. Minimum wage is not enough in some households to pay the light bill. Hence, why some nationals have resorted to stealing. It’s not right but what else is there to do? 


JPS is now in favour of stricter laws to stop all the light theft. If these laws do work what will happen to those that cannot afford to pay for such utilities? 



Our athletes up again!



One of the greatest athletes Jamaica has ever produced will be competing at the Cayman Invitational. We wish her luck and hope for her success. Her competition may be steep but just her participation shows Jamaica that she is a focused and determined individual. 


There are also 25 other Jamaican Athletes participating and we salute them on their way to victory.



Are we supposed to take this advice?


Yes, yes, more politics again. I’m sorry but maybe there is a valid point here for the government to note. The government has been repeatedly been borrowing from other countries, loans which we can barely afford to repay but yet we keep borrowing! What are we to do? 


Has there been significant growth within the country? Has the foundation been laid? Are we mindless guinea pigs? 


What hope is left for us?