A week of important events

So much has happened this week that people will remember. Jamaicans all over will reminisce about these events for years to come. 

1.There was a rally in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew for the tossing of the buggery act. Thousands of Jamaicans went out to support.


The rally called on Jamaicans to stand up for strong and healthy families, righteousness and justice as well as to resist the homosexual agenda and the repealing of the buggery act.


2. The visit of the IMF leader to which Tufton now argues that the governement needs to live up to their obligations.


According to Dr Tufton, these uncertainties were never bargained for in any IMF agreement, and represent a failure on the part of the Government to live true to its obligation under the programme.


In all for many Jamaicans we are slowly learning that we must stand up for our rights as we continue to ask ourselves how long we can continue to survive under the IMF agreement and with the increase in crime. 




Revision of Ganja law.



The changes would also seek to remove the smoking of ganja, as well as the possession of pipes and other items used in the smoking of ganja as criminal offences

The land known through the media for producing such crops is now reviewing the Ganja laws. Personal consumption will no longer be a criminal offence. The citizens arrested for such crimes will have their records wiped clean, and will theoretically have a second chance at life. Many people have been arrested for the possession of a spliff and now they can have the peace of mind they should be afforded as citizens. 


What are your thoughts on the revision of this law? 



New laws in town?



Another day, another law. This time it may affect a wider audience. There is to be an increase in fines for speeding and the implementation of a law for driving with the use of cell phones and televisions within the drivers line of sight. The speeding fines are said to increase by 300%. Also penalties for the demerit point system is being reviewed.


Motorists who exceed the speed limit by 50 kilometres or more will be slapped with a $45,000 fine, and in default of payment, to one month imprisonment.

A driver who exceeds the speed limit by 16 kilometres to 32 kilometres and is prosecuted by the police will face a 200 per cent increase in fines, moving from $5,000 to $15,000.


Is this the right thing for our law makers to do? what are your thoughts?





Solar Movement?



Oh! Our first step towards solar energy! With the high cost of our utilities and labour you would have thought that foreign investors would be running at just hearing the word Jamaica, but it seems as though the hotel industry is still standing strong.


Grand Palladium in Hanover, Jamaica is the first hotel to convert to solar power and from their projections they should start saving millions after the next four years.


Lead and others shall follow. Sine taking this initiative other hotels in Jamaica are now expected to follow, seeing the returns to be saved after converting to solar power. Is this the start of the age of change for Jamaica? Will it be that no other shall observe this new “trend”?