Do you really need a Realtor?


Realtor at Dee Vee Realty Ltd.

Do you really need a Realtor?

There are many  persons who feel they can handle a sale or purchase on their own, I agree, you probably can.  However, a realtor is most cases is a wise choice especially considering the value, lead time and complexity of most real estate transactions.

  •  A Realtor or Agent has the required education and experience to guide you through the process.

  •  Your Realtor or Agent has valuable knowledge of the neighborhood or knows where to access the latest info on comparable sales in your area. Your realtor is armed with information such as average price per square foot of similar homes, average days on the market. These and other data emphasize market conditions.

  •  Real estate Agents are professionals in the business. They have access to a network of other Real Estate professionals and can readily recommend lawyers, mortgagors, valuators, structural engineers, surveyors and builders who may become necessary to provide advice and insight to assist you in making wise decisions regarding your purchase or sale.

  •  Real estate Agents are trained to hold client information confidential from competing interests. Your realtor/ agent is bound by his/ her license and law to act in their clients’ best interest (not his or her own).

  •  Unlike most buyers and sellers, he/ she is removed from the emotional aspects of the transaction. Your realtor is trained and has the required negotiation skills.

  •  Referrals are the life blood of the career of a realtor/ agent. This means that doing what’s best for their clients is the emphasis of their career. Your realtor needs your confidence, your approval  and definitely your referrals to remain relevant in the Real Estate business. Hopefully, he or she will be there for you when you need to hire an agent again!