Season’s Greetings

Christmas came really fast this year, I think I enjoyed my work a little too much. The challenges met aided in my development as a team leader and expanded my knowledge, for this I am grateful.

I want to thank our valued clients, you called, visited, and closed transactions in numbers and we are truly appreciative of your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and helping you in the pursuit of your Real Estate dreams.

Our Agents deserve recognition for their hard work and determination. They were also very entertaining as they conversed in the office about their kids and their brilliance, lol.

Fellow Realtors, you are absolutely the best to work with and hope to do lots more business with you in 2016.

Our business stakeholders held the fort down and kept the dream alive. We are committed to an even better 2016 and to surpassing all expectations.

Our backend support we thank you too, keep up the good work!

Last but not least, my daughters made my life an absolute joy to be in, and for this I would not change a thing.

Dee Vee Realty wishes you and your family a happy holiday season and that 2016 be a even greater year.

A very Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Thanks to Gods (my father up above) for all the blessings and love.

Praise Jesus

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