Red Flags being granted Firearm Licences


Can you imagine your loved ones’ killer walking around with a gun? 


This could be your reality if action is not taken against the constant high level of corruption.


The Firearm Licencing Authority is under fire as it is being investigated due to some of it’s faulty practices. Individuals with red flags to their names are being granted a firearm licence after being refused. “The permit holders were reportedly denied licences by the previous FLA board” as stated by the Jamaica Gleaner. These permit holders are currently licensed  firearm holders. Who knows what purposes those firearms have served so far…


Dalling said as part of the FLA’s due diligence process, the police are always contacted and highly confidential information is received from time to time.


When a gun permit application is received, several background checks are carried out on the applicant and certain security clearance must be received. – Shane Dalling FLA executive director 


From this statement is can be deduced that whoever is approving the licence is aware of the red flag associated with the permit holder. This is an even greater cause for concern.

Last year November The FLA called in the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) to investigate the discrepancies that came to light. After  Patrick Powell was freed of the murder of a young man and the discovery was made that his (Mr. Powell) main file at the authority had gone missing.

Dec 16, 2016 Robert Montague, National Security Minister stated that progress was made in the probe.

July 28, 2017 Robert Montague to meet with the FLA Board

We are yet to see what information has been uncovered after all these events.


If this matter is not resolved it will encourage the vicious cycle of corruption. Innocent Individuals will be terrified to stand against those granted weapons. Corruption and crime will continue to be elements of the Jamaican society that soon will not be able to be fixed.


Will this cause all Approved firearm licensed holders be re-evaluated?


FLA Scandal Widens – 100 Licences Issued By Gun Authority Being Probed

Firearm Licensing Authority Calls In MOCA

National Security Minister Summons FLA Board Amid Controversy Over Gun Permits


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