Red Flags being granted Firearm Licences


Can you imagine your loved ones’ killer walking around with a gun? 


This could be your reality if action is not taken against the constant high level of corruption.


The Firearm Licencing Authority is under fire as it is being investigated due to some of it’s faulty practices. Individuals with red flags to their names are being granted a firearm licence after being refused. “The permit holders were reportedly denied licences by the previous FLA board” as stated by the Jamaica Gleaner. These permit holders are currently licensed  firearm holders. Who knows what purposes those firearms have served so far…


Dalling said as part of the FLA’s due diligence process, the police are always contacted and highly confidential information is received from time to time.


When a gun permit application is received, several background checks are carried out on the applicant and certain security clearance must be received. – Shane Dalling FLA executive director 


From this statement is can be deduced that whoever is approving the licence is aware of the red flag associated with the permit holder. This is an even greater cause for concern.

Last year November The FLA called in the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) to investigate the discrepancies that came to light. After  Patrick Powell was freed of the murder of a young man and the discovery was made that his (Mr. Powell) main file at the authority had gone missing.

Dec 16, 2016 Robert Montague, National Security Minister stated that progress was made in the probe.

July 28, 2017 Robert Montague to meet with the FLA Board

We are yet to see what information has been uncovered after all these events.


If this matter is not resolved it will encourage the vicious cycle of corruption. Innocent Individuals will be terrified to stand against those granted weapons. Corruption and crime will continue to be elements of the Jamaican society that soon will not be able to be fixed.


Will this cause all Approved firearm licensed holders be re-evaluated?


FLA Scandal Widens – 100 Licences Issued By Gun Authority Being Probed

Firearm Licensing Authority Calls In MOCA

National Security Minister Summons FLA Board Amid Controversy Over Gun Permits


Development of Jamaica’s Facilities

The month of June Presented Jamaica with the urgent call to upgrade its Facilities. Both the Cornwall Regional Hospital and the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center were affected by two very recent disasters, Heavy rains, and a large fire, respectively. Upgrading these facilities will promote a higher standard of living for those affected by the disaster.

$1.3 Billion has been put towards the development of the Hospital which will be financed by the government. This is a part of a wider initiative to upgrade hospitals across the country. This process started after the ventilation system began emitting noxious fumes.  This affected three floors of the hospital and as such patients had to be moved to makeshift locations on the compound. Evidently, this would cause a strain on the quality of heath care provided as well as caused frustration among the employees of the hospital.

Evidently, this would cause a strain on the quality of heath care provided as well as caused frustration among the employees of the hospital.

The Tower Street facility was engulfed in flames in early June which lead to the government looking towards improving specific correctional institutions located around the Island.

The institution houses 1,500 prisoners, which encapsulate a variety of individuals including the Mentally Ill, as well as high- profile Inmates such as Vybz Kartel

However, It has been taken into account that Several of the island’s facilities are in need of urgent infrastructural development and the government is seeking to take action to make these improvements.

The question is how long do you think it will take?

Read Articles Here:

$1.3 Billion For Cornwall Hospital Rehabilitation Project

Prisons To Receive Urgent Upgrade Following Tower Street Blaze



Jamaica’s GDP growth


“Domestic confidence indicators are at an all-time high, and there are improving signs of economic activity, increased FDI inflow, and stronger private sector credit growth. Real GDP growth is estimated at one per cent for FY15/16, and is projected to reach 1.7 per cent in FY16/17,” he noted.

It is said that Jamaica’s GDP is said to be improving according to the article below.  However, I am interested in finding out how many small businesses are feeling the effects of growth.  Is your business growing, is your production booming, is your inventory moving? These are my questions, is the everyday Joe benefiting from the economic policies that are onerous on the population.

I would love to hear your point of view.


Unregistered Property Owner

I remember when I in the process of studying to become a Real Estate professional couple years ago.  I was outraged at learning in one of the law courses that the Law protects squatters with possession of other people’s property otherwise known as the registered legal owners. According to Section 70 of the Registrar of Titles Act.

Property owners/ register proprietor;  who have registered your name on the title beware of “Squatters”.  If a squatter takes adverse possession of your land for 12 years the title “extinguishes”.

I was going through the Sunday Observer (October 2, 2016) and there it was.  The article on page 5 was appropriately tiled ” A title or toilet paper?”   I am still outraged to this day.  See below to read the full article for yourself.

In Jamaica, I deal in Real Estate and there is nothing more prized in possession than property ownership to Jamaican.  And we have many hard working persons that toil for years and save up to pay the high 10% cash deposit to make their first down payment.

Real Estate is one of the largest purchase a Jamaican will make in their lifetime. And for majority it takes a lifetime to save  up or to pay off that mortgage to own that property outright.

There are so many stakeholders in the Real Estate market that are adversely affected by this kind of hostile take over.  Not to mention the families that are denied their right to ownership and right to alienate the property depending on the type of tenancy.

Not to mention the risk the Mortgage Banks are taking to grant a loan for the purchase of that property to lose all rights to a squatter. In contrast the squatter’s legal time given is 12 years, and it will take the Mortgagor up to 30 years to pay off that property loan.

What of tax revenue? Do these squatters pay property tax too? Is it possible to have double payments on one property in such a situation?

What of  the utility company like NWC ; water is tied to to title (for properties with infrastructure in place).

This matter needs to be addressed unless we have no issues with squatters stealing from hard working honest people. It is about time that the law makers make this situation right.  Laws are made to support what the majority of law abiding and taxpaying citizens want to govern the land.  In this case who wanted this rule? Who say this as justice?

(Views expressed above are of the writer not necessarily shared by the company)

Copy link:

So, a person’s name is stated on a Certificate of Title as the registered proprietor (owner) of land in Jamaica. That logically means that the person is conclusively and undisputedly the owner of that land, right? Maybe not.

Two months ago the Privy Council (Jamaica’s final Court of Appeal) handed down a rather worrisome judgement in the case

Recreational Holdings 1 (Jamaica) Ltd v Lazarus [2016] UKPC 22, Privy Council Appeal No 0085 of 2015 (which we shall now refer to as the case).

The crux of the case, as paraphrased from the judgement, is as follows:

Matthew Hogarth is the Managing Partner of MH&CO, Attorneys-at-Law, a boutique corporate law firm. He may be contacted at:

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RAJ 2017 Board of Directors

Congratulations to the Board Elects and the Special Committees.  Great work and accomplishments had so far for the Board, however, 2017 will be a year to make the continued growth (in numbers) of this body work for the industry.  “There is power in numbers”.  Wish you the best in achieving the goals set for the organization.

Posted by the RAJ:

The 2017 Board of Directors met on June 28, 2016 to elect the Executive officers and Chairmen for the Standing Committees, namely:
2017 Board of Directors
The 2017 Executive Officers are as follows:

  1. Mr. Edwin Wint – President
  2. Mr Howard Johnson Jr. – 1st Vice President
  3. Mrs Lorraine Levy-Finlason – 2nd Vice President
  4. Mr. Donovan Reid – Treasurer
  5. Ms. Barbara Clarke – Secretary

Congratulations to all the Officers who have so graciously volunteered to serve our members to the benefit of our industry. We look forward to another productive year.

RAJ History

REALTORS® Association of Jamaica

had 68 students attended the June 2016 CIPS Institute in Kingston, Jamaica.

June was also the 50th Anniversary of The Realtors® Association of Jamaica (RAJ). Current President Edwin Wint, also celebrated the achievement of a membership totaling approximately 900 members. The AGM of the Raj was blessed with visitors from NAR; Representatives from NAR included Carla Rayman, NAR Regional Coordinator; David McCoy, NAR President’s Liaison to Jamaica; Hanne Sagalowsky, NAR Global Real Estate Liaison and Carol Kairis, Managing Director at NAR Global.

Posted in Events & EducationInternational Real EstateNAR Global, by  on June 27, 2016


From one RAJ member to another congratulations is in order overall!

Season’s Greetings

Christmas came really fast this year, I think I enjoyed my work a little too much. The challenges met aided in my development as a team leader and expanded my knowledge, for this I am grateful.

I want to thank our valued clients, you called, visited, and closed transactions in numbers and we are truly appreciative of your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and helping you in the pursuit of your Real Estate dreams.

Our Agents deserve recognition for their hard work and determination. They were also very entertaining as they conversed in the office about their kids and their brilliance, lol.

Fellow Realtors, you are absolutely the best to work with and hope to do lots more business with you in 2016.

Our business stakeholders held the fort down and kept the dream alive. We are committed to an even better 2016 and to surpassing all expectations.

Our backend support we thank you too, keep up the good work!

Last but not least, my daughters made my life an absolute joy to be in, and for this I would not change a thing.

Dee Vee Realty wishes you and your family a happy holiday season and that 2016 be a even greater year.

A very Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Thanks to Gods (my father up above) for all the blessings and love.

Praise Jesus

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Do you really need a Realtor?


Realtor at Dee Vee Realty Ltd.

Do you really need a Realtor?

There are many  persons who feel they can handle a sale or purchase on their own, I agree, you probably can.  However, a realtor is most cases is a wise choice especially considering the value, lead time and complexity of most real estate transactions.

  •  A Realtor or Agent has the required education and experience to guide you through the process.

  •  Your Realtor or Agent has valuable knowledge of the neighborhood or knows where to access the latest info on comparable sales in your area. Your realtor is armed with information such as average price per square foot of similar homes, average days on the market. These and other data emphasize market conditions.

  •  Real estate Agents are professionals in the business. They have access to a network of other Real Estate professionals and can readily recommend lawyers, mortgagors, valuators, structural engineers, surveyors and builders who may become necessary to provide advice and insight to assist you in making wise decisions regarding your purchase or sale.

  •  Real estate Agents are trained to hold client information confidential from competing interests. Your realtor/ agent is bound by his/ her license and law to act in their clients’ best interest (not his or her own).

  •  Unlike most buyers and sellers, he/ she is removed from the emotional aspects of the transaction. Your realtor is trained and has the required negotiation skills.

  •  Referrals are the life blood of the career of a realtor/ agent. This means that doing what’s best for their clients is the emphasis of their career. Your realtor needs your confidence, your approval  and definitely your referrals to remain relevant in the Real Estate business. Hopefully, he or she will be there for you when you need to hire an agent again!