DEE VEE HOLDINGS ” Development. Construction & Sales”

Progress Report

The docs are in…it is only a matter of time.

If you wish to enquire about our projects please send us an email, we will be happy to answer your questions.


Tel: (876) 754-4199

DVH Team- Mona Project

Mr. Michael Mears Quantity Surveyor Wan Mears & Associates Ltd.
Mr. Michael Gyles Architect Michael Gyles & Associates
Dr. Stead Williams Engineer (Structural & Civil) Stead M Williams Consulting (Civil & Structural) Engineers
Mr. Earle Spencer Commissioned Land Surveyor Earle Spencer & Co. Ltd
Mr. Hugh Stanford Engineer (Electrical) Satyn Consultants Ltd.
Hydraulics Technican
Mr. Howard Prendergast Engineer (Hydrolics) Howard Everton Prendergast, P.E.
Mr. Fitzroy Gregory Project Manager Shiloh Consulting Partners
Mr. Errol Cathnott Site Manager  Dee Vee Holdings


Upcoming Projects


Housing for University Students, Doctors, Nurses and investment units.

Stony Hill:

Upscale townhouse for families and persons desirous of living in the cool hills of St. Andrew

We will update this site as the developments progress.

Projects completed

List of construction successfully completed are:

  • 78 King Street, Kingston

Built 1985. 3 floor 11,000 sq. ft. commercial building


  • Hope Road, Kingston 6- Hollywood Mews

Built 1988. The complex consists of 10 townhouse 2 bedroom units each approximately 1600 sq. ft.


  • 27 King Street, Kingston

Built 1990. 11,175 sq ft, 3 storey commercial building (Home to American Jewellery Company and our head office)


  • Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6

Built 1992.  House- 12,000 sq. ft and clubhouse 9,000 sq.ft

  • 2 Millsborough Avenue, Kingston 6 -Millsborough Rose

Built 1992. It sits on a 2 acre land and consists of 15 town house units. Each unit is about approximately 2,200 sq. ft and has 3 bedrooms. The complex offers a wide variety of amenities from swimming pool to tennis court, badminton court and Jacuzzi.


Dee Vee Holdings Ltd

 offers a wide range of real estate services to both corporate and individual clients. Services offered to our clients include Real Estate Sales, Rentals & Leases and Real Estate Housing Development.


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